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Digital parity and Digital dominion

As the nation heads to a post digital era, people at the marginal cross section of the society are deprived of even basic minimal technology awareness and access. It is akin to how technology during the industrial revolution travelled to this part of the world. Only a privileged few partake of it. Although the situation has been changing in past few couple of years yet nothing sort of a concrete effort has ever been undertaken to bring about the transformation that the Rice Bowl of Chhattisgarh should see.

With a humble vision of getting IT into every nook and corner of the hinterlands of the state Sjain envisions a world with no digital divide and access to cutting edge innovative technology for all segments of the society for all their needs.

Charity they say begins at home so our humble efforts has its seeding in the state itself and gradually would proliferate across the nation and beyond.


Drafting Digital Excellence & Integrity

For long the economy of the country has been in shambles primarily owing to the lack of resources.

Disproportionate means of sustenance, disparity in the distribution of resources, dishelmed technology sector, disheveled human resources - the list seem endless to even begin with.

IT has been le messiah of sorts overcoming these shortcomings to a utopian tomorrow. Chhattisgarh in particular as a crippling toddler of a state had to struggle through whilst recession plagued with job losses and a tremendous setback to the overall infra; marring the development of the state.

In tandem with the vision, Sjain paved way for the state to grasp a firm foothold in the IT domain, enabling employments - disabling skill migrations.

This also entails getting in grips with the trending and the happening in the biz. It's a prestige for the state to have had national and international clients looking to cinch in deals with a local venture - which is local no more! The tremendous business that has happened during the years has clients looking forward to deal with local players especially the startups in the state. This is a boon. A blessing that needs no disguise. The prosperity of the state.

Gradually we have evolved into a niche that caters more than just IT.

This! Is our mission as a caretaker of all things IT in the state.

As an integrated hood of accessible, affordable and affable IT, Media and Consulting; delivering globally benchmarked services, transforming the client's business, providing the best in class talent, compliant system and making our every effort worthwhile.

The first step in business is to gather information.
Drawing from the information gathered up to this point.
The development is not necessarily over, though.

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